Transforming destiny by touching your inner resources

“A good coach tells you what you need to hear than what you want to hear.”

Known for her expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotics, Reiki Healer and educator and Lifestyle Coaching, Anju Shelly is a Reknowned professional coach.

Anju Shelly has helped her coachees achieve confidence and inspiration – a powerful state of mind that helps them meet the desirable outcomes.

  • Beyond Astrology
    and Numerology
  • Unleash your
    Power Within
  • Creating a New Life from
    Good, Better to Best
  • Recognize your
    Emotional Intelligence
  • Rewrite your
  • Everything is
Unleash & Channel your Inner Energy Towards Growth!


NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a unique transformational approach towards personal development by understanding oneself. It is based on the underlying principle that each of us has the potential and energy to determine a Life Path that we desire.

Used by Business Professionals, Educational Institutes and Celebrities, NLP is a useful tool to empower individuals to attain control over all kinds of situations.

Reiki Healer and Educator

Reiki is a historic Japanese therapy directed towards energy healing. It is a safe, simple and natural process based on the inner energy that channels every individual.
Reiki is based on the 5 principles:
Just for today, I will not worry.
Just for today, I will not be angry.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.
Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbour and every living thing

Physical Health Coaching

Physical and Mental Well being
are co-dependent by nature. A
Satisfactory Physical
transformation is a perfect
combination of healthy eating,
regular exercises and a powerful
In our physical health coaching,
you can keep a conscious watch
on your eating habits and keep
up with your exercise routine.


Hypnotherapy is a powerful
psychological tool used to attain
focus and concentration, treat
stress factors, anxiety attacks,
fears and phobias.
It helps improve disorders,
spontaneous behaviours and
dysfunctional issues.

Coaching and Healing

Restore physical ,emotional and psychological well being.

Healing and Coaching for Pregnancies

Beyond Numerology
Beyond Astrology
Rewrite your Destiny

Activate the natural healing process of your body Rebuild and restore your psychological well-being.

Your Personal Life Coach

As a healer Anju Shelly works to alleviate psychological, emotional and physical ailments. As a personal coach she understands your present state of your mind. The resources and the opportunities within you. Your goals, desires and dreams. She helps you set the goals, identity an action plan to achieve them and follow-up steps to track progress.

Seminars & Training

Ask. Believe. Receive. is a highly acclaimed flagship workshop by Anju Shelly. Her work include notable seminars and workshops on emotional intelligence, stress management, healthy relationships, how to form a blueprint, planing ,forming and working on an action plan in any aspect of one’s life, personality development and emotional vibrancy.